Our presence in the media validates us as a benchmark of excellence and knowledge, on the border and in the USA, as one of the best clinics in Tijuana.

TV Interventions


Program: First sip. Aztec TV. Lower California.
Presenter: Claudia Villa-Iribe
Duration: 2: 03 min

What is Infertility?

Program: Conference with the Medical Society
Hospital Angeles, Tijuana.
Presenter: Dr. Hernandez Porras. Urologist and Oncologist, in charge of the diffusion committee of Hospital Angeles, Tijuana.
Duration: 21 min

Youtube Gallery

Our Embryology Laboratory

Presenter: Daniel Hernandez
Laboratories Supervisor FERTILITE Medical Group
Duration: 1: 07 min

Infertility and its relationship with maternal age

Presenter: Dra. Rebeca Estrada Delgado
Duration: 1: 44 min

Our Geneticist Expert

Presenter: Dra. Leslie Patron
Duration: 1: 07 min


Presenter: Daniel Hernandez
Duration: 59 sec.


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