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Being accompanied on a delicate and intimate path such as assisted fertilization it’s a matter of trust. It is a relationship consisting of attention, confidentiality and that allows patients to achieve their desires to raise a family with greater serenity. In FERTILITE we have more than 20 years, of accompanying couples, in the dream of the arrival of a baby.

Assisted Reproduction in Tijuana

Tijuana is among the first chosen destinations by the citizens of the west coast of the USA and also to hit the road towards the realization of the dream of having a baby. Our international patients have traveled from more than 10 countries to Tijuana, to form their families. USA, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Salvador, Italy, Armenia, Australia, China, Japan, Arabia, and Mexico. We are a multilingual and multicultural clinic.

The reasons to travel to Tijuana are essentially two: affordable prices and very high success rates, which are backed by excellent service, with the latest technologies in the sector, and by numerous teams of experts, including most qualified nationally and internationally.

FERTILITE Tijuana represents, without a doubt, the main center of the region, the ideal destination for all those couples who are looking for a thorough and accurate diagnostic solution, with a structured fertility plan to maximize the chances of success of each treatment.

Tijuana, Medical Competence Center

Tijuana is one of the main centers of medical competence in Mexico and is synonymous with cutting-edge medicine and high performance. Tijuana is known for its close integration of research, technology, and a high level of expertise in prevention, diagnosis, therapy, and rehabilitation.

Tijuana is currently receiving almost 2 million patients a year and has 64 highly specialized hospitals, of which 14 are accredited by the National Health Council. Hospital Angeles Tijuana is considered the first option for the thousands of visitors who arrive in the city of Tijuana in search of medical excellence. It is estimated that health tourism will grow between 10 and 12% in the next years.


Tijuana is a fast-paced and modern border city, south of San Diego, California. Known for its miles of beaches in Rosarito and Ensenada. It has top beachfront restaurants, and the best golf courses in the world. Several years ago, chains of exclusive hotels opened doors in this incomparable destination, captivating visitors from all over the world. Together with tourism partners (hotels, transportation, tours, etc.) and a network of service providers, Tijuana can offer attractive travel, culture, and gastronomy experiences, counting on an optimal local infrastructure for our foreign visitors.

Here Are Some Service Recommendations

Real Inn Tijuana by Camino Real Hotels
Reservations: +52 855 266 5203
Hotel Information: +52 664 633 4000
[email protected]
Paseo de los Heroes No. 9902, Col. Zona Río

Marriot Tijuana Hotel
Reservations: +52 664 622 6600
Blvd. Agua Caliente No. 11553

Fiesta Inn Tijuana Otay Airpot
Reservations: +52 664 979 1900
Airport Ramp 16000, Col. La Pechuga

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tijuana Otay
Reservations: +52 800 000 0404
Lazaro Cardenas 2539, Col. The Breast.

Some Interesting Facts About Tijuana

Cultural Experiences, Outdoors and More…

Tour to Bufadora and Ensenada

Duration: 10 hours
Available: Every day

Tour to Tour to Tecate, Magic Town

Duration: 8 hours
Available: Tuesday to Sunday

Basic Wine Route

Duration: 9 hours
Available: Every day

Who would have imagined so much life and culture in a place surrounded by mountains, sea, and desert #LiveInTijuana. Come and discover it!


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