Innovation And Well-Being


Our holistic approach to health care what we provide and our desire to be innovative, are the key factors to offer you the best practices to take care of every aspect of your physical and mental well-being—a 360º approach to your pregnancy.



Our procedures represent the services most innovative that combine, one Significant medical obstetric and embryology experience and knowledge, with the highest levels of outpatient care and Hospital Angeles support.

Assertive Listening

It is our passion to provide care and clarity, which assures you and your family that we will be accompanying you in every step of your treatment.

High Specialty

The high-quality clinical services, have harmonized them with a relaxing atmosphere, resulting in a holistic approach to treatment in one optimal place. A single center for all treatments.

Psychological Support

Emotional well-being during your fertility treatment.

Trying to conceive can be a stressful journey, especially if this isn’t your first try. During this time, you can start to feel like you need extra help. Our consulting psychologist can help you with problems of mental health associated with infertility, loss of pregnancy, and possible complications that may occur during pregnancy.

In addition, a correct body-mind balance is useful to obtain the best possible result from your fertility treatment.

Nutrition and Fertility

Nutrition and fertility are connected, in fact, nutrition is important, also for keeping oocytes and sperm in good health. It’s not just a “healthy” diet, but a way of eating, which takes into account your specific problems. There is a lot of scientific evidence which stands out, on how certain foods help or worsen specific clinical situations.

Acupuncture for Fertility

Various investigations indicate that acupuncture helps to regulate the hormonal environment, increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, optimizing the environment where follicles develop, and improving the quality of the endometrial lining thus the possibilities of embryo implantation and with it the success of conception through reproductive medicine and IVF treatments.

At FERTILITE, we know that our advanced and personalized treatments give us as a result:

A happy woman = a happy pregnancy = a happy baby.


We provide solutions that care for women, ensuring better health outcomes for mothers and children.